Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kris Gruda EXP MUSIC: blog one

greetings everyone.  this will be my first blog to feature my solo/collaborative music.  my name is Kris Gruda and my primary instruments are guitar and voice.  blog one is emphasizing my so-called experimental and free?improvised music.  hoo ha wa wa ya.  i am also a composer and songwriter, stay tuned for more blog-age, if'n you're interested in hearing more of my shtuff.....
1. july seventeeth solo (audio only)
this is a solo piece on which i played electric guitar w/ whiskey bottle, electronics (memory man) and variable speed cassette tape.  stone and plastic plectrums were utilized.
2. well you needn't (by Thelonious Monk) (audio only) 
solo electric guitar... "having sloppy fun w/ a well-worn Monk tune".  Thelonious Monk is one of my very favorite pianists and composers. 
3. AR69 (youtube video)
Kris Gruda (guitar/kazoo/voice/etc) and Jim Ivy (alto saxophone, mouthpiece).
mr. Ivy is a very important collaborator and musical confidante of mine.  this is our second public duo performance.  we have two duo releases of them is called Play Dead and one is Mingo Duos 1.
4. in jest? (youtube video)
this is quite recent...a fun friday evening solo Adurg jam w/ beatboxing, vocal loops, whammy pedal (pitch alteration/stacking), "trombone" kazoo, pitch-bent feedback, e.t.c.
5. my solo record The Cave And Thereabouts was released in april 2011 on the Ilse label. ( stream the entire album on bandcamp ). i want to thank Travis Johnson for releasing and submitting this music...the album got a nice review by Vital Weekly (#794).  please do check out Ilse , which is a new experimental/avant-garde music record label.  some of my favorite Ilse releases that i've heard, thus far, are:  Abusive Consumer It's Dry, Aaron Zarzutzki/Nick Hoffman Lost Corner and Bob Blaize & Jeph Jerman Rythumation.

email: kris(dot)gruda(at)gmail(dot)com with inquiries, for more links, etc.  i am interested in collaborations and session work and i am a guitar instructor, as well.

be well......over and out!..(fer now).

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